Betting tips and tricks


Consulting Czech punters to bet on football, it is a bit of a suicide. We are a nation with great football tradition and popular sport is also at the bookies clear leader. Especially for beginners, it could come in handy a few observations that might otherwise be losing a redeemed tickets.

1. Choose a few leagues, has been the focus. In Europe you can bet on dozens of competitions and each of them is over 10 teams. It is humanly impossible to have a good overview of each of them, let alone actual performance of each team. Now they are but essential: your goal should be to bet on teams that bookmakers underestimate and which are thus higher odds than they should be.

There are leagues where the greatest friends rarely fail, but there are also those in which it is not short of surprises. When you are in one league term it fails, it is useful to either reconsider the approach to betting system, or look for another league (which falls more goals if orthodox bet on the high number of goals, which plays an important role in the home environment, if bet “number one”, etc.). In each case…

2nd … read and watch. Most people start betting only by tables by which recognizes who leads the league who can do at home, many who averages goals … This is a good basis for successful betting but you should have more information. Perhaps the best solution is to go through sports forums (there are on the internet a lot, but you only need one or two good, such as K2) and for them to find a punter who specialize on either league. His views do not necessarily correct (if you are, you will learn only after a long time), but often the information from foreign servers, which tend preseason estimates quality of the team fresh information on injuries and the like. Watching the match live the most time consuming, but also the most value for you. You can own eyes to see if the teams win with luck, or if you play really well, if rather prevents or play openly and so on. Such information can then be the difference between a good and a bad bet. You can see more at: Expekt

3. Remember you. Mistakes you make, and the knowledge to which we come, for you are tremendously valuable. If you remembered, it will be your tremendous advantage, because the next time you rather know what to do.

– Every spring, usually in the second round of the Italian League, in which matches are listed with odds on a draw around 1.50. Such a course is ridiculous, but perhaps the two teams that suits draw, really converse, or at least there is something like an unspoken agreement. Does not pay as well as low rate bet?
– Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben is injured. He was wounded earlier – how Bayern played without him?
– Real lose 0-5 to Barcelona and shortly after her playing again. Gets re-allocation of such goals, or will rather defend? You can see more at: Betsafe

This is an example of questions that you can answer if you have already experienced such situations. Remember them.

Do not overestimate the fourth information. It’s actually a combination of the previous two points, which may sound paradoxical only at first glance. From time to time you get to the information that seem very tempting. One of the clubs, for example, for several months now owes money to players, players against the storm and it seems that the poor performance in the weekend match will put pressure on the club owner. Or you learn that in the Scottish league board guests without six players starting lineup, and you can see that to one dropping courses. Of course, this can be important information, but the time must come to the fact that such contests are best avoided altogether. Declining odds may not mean anything else than that for such a fight, which is what’s learned is betting a lot of people. And the guests to lose a substitute? That’s just football. Do not forget that alternates may not be bad players and they also have great motivation to show what’s in them.

5. Try minor leagues. When someone (even more so when he dares) say that watching the Welsh League or third highest competition in France, perhaps you will have the exotics. But good opportunities to bet you will find more there than for example in the Premier League and the Italian Serie A, which belongs to nejsázenějším leagues and courses so there are nejsprávněji set. There can not afford to make a mistake. There you will find more at the competitions in which it too bettors punish.

6th Do not look just for today. It’s Saturday, you can bet on Team A, and you know that at the center plays a crucial Champions League match? Then it is very likely that the league does not start in the strongest line-up and the course so it may not match the actual chances of victory. Moreover – all the more so if such a team, for example, still leads the league with a safe margin – can match subconsciously omitted. Even if the coach before the game insignificant proclaimed that his players want to win the Champions League and does not think his head is often neporučíte.

But it may also apply in reverse. If the Real Madrid before Wednesday’s game sure to advance from first place in the groups and know that he waits on weekends El Clásico, it is clear that the Champions League at the moment is not a priority for Real.

7. Beware on cups and friendlies. Gamble friendly matches without information is very dangerous. Trainers can experiment with assemblies, players can be a challenging season and save to přátelákům is simply better to avoid if you have a good reason to bet on it (like the rivalry between the two countries). For Cup is again good to know how seriously teams take. The reputation of the English FA Cup, you do not doubt, but it is not a coincidence that the former Worthington Cup, some football fans dubbed “Worthless Cup” (Worthless Cup). If you want next year to bet on the edge of the cup, maybe you should warn her shameful results Lisen and exceed. And this applies equally famous clubs: the 2001 Barcelona fell in the first round of the domestic cup on land Figueres that a year later ended the match Novelda-Barcelona 3: 2nd Today Barcelona has to avoid such breakdowns, low winning odds on favorites to land the unknown team but you should forgive.

8th Do not bet a 1-0-2 system. The usual objection of tennis fans from betting on football is that there are three possible outcomes. Asian Handicaps it (like Bet Draw No Bet DNB) canceled, and moreover, thanks to them, you can choose how much a team is trust. Do you think Barcelona should win by three goals, but you’re afraid that with the leadership of 2: 0 and satisfy the stops to try to score? Bet Handicap -2.25 in it and spread risk so.

Asian handicap with odd numbers will not need to worry on the understanding they are very easy. They resemble ordinary handicaps, you know mostly in the format “5” – for example, you bet Manchester -1.5 and if Manchester wins by two or more goals, your bet is winning. If he loses, draws or wins only one goal, you lose. The other “normal” handicap is that in “.0” – for example, -2.0. Its peculiarity is that it can return the deposit if you hit exactly the number of disability. Once again, the example of Manchester United, who this time bet with handicap -2.0: if they win by 3 or more goals, you win, if it loses, draws or wins only one goal, you lose, and if Manchester wins by exactly two goals, return the deposit.

If you understand the principle of disabilities “.5” or “.0” will you toy Asian handicaps. They besides the two mentioned above may also have stakes “.25” and “.75”, which is easy to decipher: half your stake goes on the less “.5” or “.0” and half goes higher.

Example 1: You bet a 1,000 crowns Manchester -2.25 odds of 2.40. Half of your deposit in essence to Manchester with a handicap of -2.0 and a half for Manchester with a handicap of -2.5. If Manchester loses, draws or wins a maximum of one goal, you lose your bet. If Manchester wins by 3 or more goals, you win your stake multiplied by the exchange rate, that is 2,400 crowns.

It is problematic only if Manchester wins just two goals: in that case you will lose half the deposit, which goes to the handicap of -2.5, and returns you to deposit half of which goes to the -2.0 handicap. Returns will therefore 500 crowns.

Example 2: You bet a 1,000 crowns Manchester -2.75 odds of 3.20. Half of your deposit in essence to Manchester with a handicap of -2.5 and a half for Manchester with a handicap of -3.0. If Manchester loses, draws or wins a maximum of two goals, you lose your bet. If Manchester wins by 4 or more goals, you win your stake multiplied by the exchange rate, that is 3,200 crowns.

It is problematic only if Manchester wins just three goals: in that case you return half of the deposit, which goes to the -3.0 handicap, the other half of the deposit, which goes to the -2.5 handicap wins. So you win 500+ (500 * 3.20) = 2,100 crowns.

9th Look for more interesting bets. While the team is only important if he wins three points, you as a punter may not be interested in the outcome of the game. Bookmakers offers some nonsensical bets like even / odd number of corners, or which team will be digging the special bets but you can also find those that are worth a bet. Whistles amped derby referee who gives out lots of cards? Bet on it, it will be a lot of yellow or red. Did you know that in this derby will be the best striker defender sluggish opponents? Bet he gets a yellow card, if it is at a decent rate. Did you know that most of the goals of average team shoots one player? Bet that he can just block. Because he plays for an average team, you might still find valuable course, if such a good shooter bookmakers still underestimated. Until it becomes a renowned marksman in the next season it will be much lower courses.

SBV Vitesse – FC Twente 3:1

Vitesse footballers have mastered to perfection match with rival Twente and eventually defeated his opponent 3: 1st O’s win decided mainly in the first and early in the second half, Enschede has managed to cut only about fifteen minutes before the end. Domestic selection ultimately had to finish the remaining ten minutes without the excluded Lewis Baker, but ultimately he’s hurt.

The table is moved to seventh with twenty-six points.

Guests so far collected twenty-four points in the Eredivisie and are in eighth position. Arnhem took the lead from their first serious action after less than fifteen minutes later games due sinner Baker. He used a long throw-in drive-in from the right, follow the return header from van der Werff and the gentle flowing Ricky van Wolfswinkel, after ten meters tricked the ball into the net beyond the reach of goalkeeper Marsman.

Vitesse continued pressure continues, after twenty minutes of play created a huge penetration in the Twente penalty area, but the ball into the goal neprotlačilo. In the 25th minute he flashed two great interventions Marsman, who first plucked Baker header, then stopping and dorážku porridge. Home increased their lead about five minutes before the break, when the ninth time this season scored by striker van Wolfswinkel.

A drive on the edge of the area and then pass on the right side of the balloon took Leerdam and his recording found on the edge of the goal area just sedmadvacetiletého striker who slip in ruffled network. Vitesse could finally calm down in 47 minutes, and again there was a van Wolfswinkel. This time, after a quick release action on the right wing Milos Rashicu, who přešlapovačkou rid of opponents and seven meters to accurately hit the goalpost.

In other minutes, guests perked up a little glimmer to point gain sparked after 77 minutes. Leerdam tripped in his own penalty area Yeboah, the referee received a yellow card and he was ordered a penalty kick. The penalties are resolved Mateusz Klich and coolly headed overland to the rod countermovement goalkeeper Rooma. Arnhem still complicated situation in the 81st minute when, after a rough crackdown on Klich directly expelled Baker, but this fact has not affected the result.

Three points benefits, seven competitions month

Bayern sells Friday second round, conclusion only three points the authorities over RB Leipzig but front of him seven games almost a month, until February 18: five football one in the German Cup and valid match of 1/8 final of the League Experts with Arsenal. Injuries and finish the players current there was the important on round rewanżowych in Bayernie when a coach this space was PEP Guardiola. The Spaniard about it is often differed with German journalists: when wrote, did that his effort subjected to players on the wounds. Robert Lewandowski has admitted lately some of the interview procedure news critical points of the European cups he was problem. And Carlo Ancelotti has been employed also, this task in order to this problem to solve.

Alternate Lewandowski, the only weak point of Bayern

Bayern will start this year a part of the League, not the injured Jerome Boateng, however according to Thomas Strunza today Bavaria today in care excellent protected from the consequences of the injury of one of the players than the previous year, when need when failed to download Serdara Tasciego. “Javier Martinez, David Alaba, Joshua Kimmich gives able maneuver. Bavaria established in addition you must Spain yourself najulubieńsze summer transfer Niklasa Süle (Hoffenheim defender – ed)”, – says Strunz. Encouraged are the Bavaria sea other player Hoffenheim, Sebastian Rudy, the football player so wide which important fail to take from comments on clean the defense. Ore of those go to Bayern in the summer, without compensation. Problem is an attack. The only weak point of Bayern, says Strunz, constantly sum of study: to change Lewandowski?

Rally Monte Carlo goes drink among the cold all calendars.

Sad news with the rally Monte Carlo. Died fan, what were deducted in the first Chapter rally car administered for Hayden Paddona.
The fan was taken by helicopter to a hospital in nice in spite of the efforts of doctors, died. Was launched a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.

Rally Monte Carlo goes one among the hot the entire calendars. All variables are causes on roadway and especially invisible frequently for drivers icy sections of the route. And think that in such a trap Paddon. In any in turns the first Chapter special Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe New dohamowaniu quickly started to rotate the car drove back on a roadside and shooting at the mountain. Car fell the side.

The car is possible hit the back in drinking of the fans, protecting prohibited. Losing building bus not give guarantee but might be to them, the fans remain najczarniejszym city practical – official deepening in a left turn. Frames on the outside of the car is seen as a fan going of the slope. of course this separate the woman who was protected from light item as well could not escape from under the wheels. cooperation with immediately rushed by other fans and services of medical.

It is possible to do what is the this for us a good result.

This long to us super football lesson traditional as well as local the most beautiful competition past Championships – said the coach of frame Russian Tałant Dujszebajew after the match Poland – France (25:26) competitions players in the world prepaid.
Tałant Dujszebajew (coach of frames Russian): “Recent long for us a super lesson of handball. Then, what at the meeting, against the best group of the world there was the stress, the fear of last talk absolutely natural. thus was known the real match on current competitions”.

Michael Visor (winger frame Russian): “We small provider and also any of the us spit handle pressure. . I Play, just started current tournament in this . If this fails can I say, that then instance were any value for us, and actually there are lot of benefits moreover can enjoy. Agree we and complete next insights.

– It is possible to write what there is latest for us a good result. Not play about current that stopped with no purposes but we have learned very research and the advantages to need. It is known that amount was deep alien because the French expected currently definitely enhancement. We as well took consciousness that victory will not give us anything. These games represents completely Vice versa. Despite the lack of nervousness and aggression existed that competition sociable in addition every wanted win. Jubilant that these repair was still moment and what competition competition her games it looks beautiful.

– We each other helpful to us there is how little meetings. We will to read our suggestion more energy.

U Jardu Soukupa je

Z českých reprezentantov už bodoval len štyridsiaty Jaroslav Soukup. Ondřej Moravec došiel po štyroch chybách 57., Adam Václavík 70. a Michal Šlesingr, ktorý mal po siedmich nepresných ranách sedem trestných minút, dokonca až na 85. mieste.

“Michala musím chváliť, len škoda tej jednej tesné chyby na poslednej položke. Umiestnenie do desiateho miesta je ale skvelé. U Jardu Soukupa je tiež určité zlepšenie, škoda, že tam niektoré rany uspěchal.

V nabitej konkurencii sa potom človek veľa prepadne,” okomentoval v rozhovore pre Českú televíziu tréner Michael Málek.

Yksi tärkeimmistä tuntemuksia viimeisen päivän siirto ikkuna

Yksi tärkeimmistä tuntemuksia viimeisen päivän siirto ikkuna vuonna 2016 oli siirtää Mario Balotelli Liverpool “kiva”. Hoidossa eteenpäin leiristä Reds ei ole mitään yllättävää, ei tietenkään, mukaan huhuja, Jurgen Klopp varoitti Italian, joka ei aio työskennellä hänen kanssaan. Ja sen jälkeen siirtää Mino rayolin puisto nimeltään saksalainen asiantuntija palan johdonmukaisuuteen ei ole korkein laatu – ymmärrät, mitä tarkoitan.

Lehdistötilaisuudessa omistettu siirtyminen, Balotelli totesi, että ei ole vaaraa, jännitystä, ensi silmäyksellä, solution manual “mukava” antaa hänelle mitään. Yleensä minulla alkoi siitä, että tämä siirto oli sensaatiomainen – Kyllä, ei ulkopuolelta, niin sanotusti, antaja, ja isäntä. Mahtipontinen hahmo Mario ole millään tavalla liittyy kuvan football club samasta ranskalainen kaupunki.

Tietenkin, nyt käsitys siirtää aivan toinen. On kulunut melkein kuukausi, ja Balotelli on rokkasi otsikot ulkomainen lehdistö ei ole sähinkäiset ja muut kovaa temput ja odottamattomia suorituskykyä. Kyllä, siellä on ja inspiroiva sanat oli puhunut, mutta nykyinen hetki useimmat niistä ovat perusteltuja ja vahvistettu.

Lopulta, koska huomioon Balotelli on neljä maalia kaksi avaaminen otteluita Liigan 1 taulukko, joka on johtaa hänen tiiminsä. Se on todella niin elvytys elvytys – jälkeen pitkä ja enimmäkseen hedelmätöntä etsiä suojaa omia kykyjään SuperMario saa hänen mahdollisuus, ja kun se tajuaa, lähes sata prosenttia.

Tausta, tietenkin, erittäin vahva. Balotelli on ollut joitakin YLÄ-ja alamäkiä, ja ne liittyvät valtaosin ison-Britannian ja British jalkapallo. Viimeinen paikka Mario pelit saarella tuli “Liverpool”, osti oikeudet hyökkääjä myynnin jälkeen Luis Suarez. Muista, kuinka paljon pelko oli suhteen integraation Uruguayn maalintekijä pelin järjestelmä “Barcelona”? Jos ei, minä kerron teille, että paljon. Noin Balotelli epäilyt olivat muita, ja nyt, kahden vuoden jälkeen, varsin hauska verrata uransa jälkeen kolmen kuukauden siirtää ikkunan 2014.

Suarez oli puuttuva linkki latinalaisen Amerikan MSN trio, kun Balotelli on tehnyt kaikkensa yrittää pelata, mutta lopulta putosi epäsuosiossa uusi päävalmentaja ja meni Liigan 1.

Jopa täällä on vitsi siitä, että Mario on jäljellä lisätä vielä “mukava” pelaa tällä kaudella Eurooppa-kilpailuja. Muuten, Italian on jo onnistunut debyytti uuden joukkueen Europa League, mutta ei niin kovaa kuin haluaisin sen fanit, mutta meille keskustelemaan, kunnes että viime ottelut mestaruuden Ranska.

Hän mestaruus Ranskassa viime kesänä menettäneet tärkein media henkilö, joka tuli kerran yhdessä alkaen infuusio sheikkien-pioneerit – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, joka korvasi club residence “Manchester United”. Se on pohjimmiltaan tärkeää, ei vain, että Ruotsalainen ei auta PSG saavuttaa vaalia tavoite voittaa Mestarien Liigan, ei vähemmän tärkeitä ja markkinointi osa siirtymistä, se on laajalti tunnettu kiihkeys ja malttinsa Ibra, jonka hyvin läsnäolo tietyssä mestaruus voi joskus olla pakko maksaa tämän mestaruuden enemmän huomiota.

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Toulouse FC – FC Nantes 0:1

psg12Três vezes levou Sérgio Conceição FC Nantes em batalha Ligue dentro das primeiras três vezes que saiu como o vencedor! Vamos ver se os pontos são capazes de reproduzi-lo até mesmo por uma semana contra o PSG.

Faça semifinais Coupe de la Ligue, embora Nancy não deslizar através, mas o resgate estava entre a elite e é uma prioridade clara para a segunda metade da temporada. Sob a liderança de Rene Girard trabalhou pouco do agrado dos proprietários do clube. É verdade que, por vezes, os canários Bet365 bonus proverbiais faltou um pouco de sorte.

Não que não existia no duelo 21 minutos com o Toulouse, porque foi uma campanha bastante elaborado, que foi coberto com uma cruz preciso do lado direito na caixa, onde a bola veio Emiliano Sala e cabeça inflexivelmente terminou 0 – 1º O atacante argentino ganhou pela terceira vez na temporada, fazendo-o, mas junto com Mariusz Stepińskim muito bem fazer o melhor marcador da equipa. Aliás, estes dois forneceram metas quase a metade, que no jogo XX da temporada definitivamente não é um bom sinal.

Maxime Dupe, um substituto para o quadrado Remi Riou teve no primeiro semestre enfrentar duas tentativas perigosas. Uma para ele de um ângulo enviou Martin Braithwaite, este último dispostos Alexis Blin. Vinte e três guarda-redes do Stade de la Beaujoire tinha que estar em guarda, mesmo depois de mudar de lado. No quinquagésimo sétimo minuto, ele esticou para tentar corretamente Tongo Doumbia.

Dez minutos depois, ele estava um pouco assustou seu chute Braithwaite. O treinador Pascal Dupraz enviou forças Sportingbet frescas para a ofensiva, mas sem sucesso. Felizmente para Nantes, embora possa também marcar no final. Mas Sala ultrapassado e Amine Hariti em uma excelente posição não incentivo processados Felipe Pardo. Toulouse é agora nono, Les Canaris saltaram no décima quarta posição.

Tím bratia a sestry,

Mnohí veria, že v krvi vzťah bude automaticky viesť k priateľstvo a porozumenie, aj keď je to absolútne nie je pravda. Pomerne často, vyrastal, súrodenci dostať do boja alebo udržať komunikáciu len v oficiálnych, a niekedy dokonca stáva horkú nepriateľov, pohyb detí odpor až do dospelosti. Bez jemnú podporu a správne vzdelávania nie je možné nádej na zázrak, bratská alebo sisterly lásky.

Ako pomôcť vaše deti sa stanú priateľmi a nie vzdialiť sa od seba v dospelosti? Po prvé, budete musieť uznať, že tak, ako by sme chceli, sestry a bratia a súperi pre lásku rodičov na chválu a darčeky, za vašu pozornosť a starostlivosť. Je nevyhnutné, pretože s narodení každého dieťaťa súčasťou lásky rodičov sa prenáša na neho, a staršie deti sa budú cítiť stratu. Psychologické štúdie potvrdzujú. Preto, vzdelávania viacerými deťmi si musíte uvedomiť, že.

V každom prípade, nemôžete priniesť argument dieťa obyčajná fráza, “rodina”. Môžete povedať dieťaťu o význam krvi a príbuzenstva, ale vzťah je vždy rodí z prílohu, spoločné záujmy, krv vzťahu len drží tejto komunity. To je dôvod, prečo je možné zistiť neustále skutočnosť, že vzťah priviesť deti, vyzerá to, že snahe dostať ich na podanie, a niekedy posunúť na vyšší počet zodpovednosti. Deti nemôžu pochopiť význam tohto pripojenia z dôvodu veku a môže vytvárať efekt odmietnutie.

Ak vzdelávania nemôže priniesť záujmy dieťaťa na obete druhej. Veľmi často staršie dieťa sa stáva opatrovateľky a opatrovateľka s mladšie deti, prispieva málo, priateľstvo a láska. To bolo oprávnené v týchto dňoch, keď rodiny mali veľa detí a rodičia boli nútení pracovať celý deň. Teraz, keď tam sú materské školy, Stráženie detí služieb, rôzne kluby a detské skupinky zbytočne. Bez ohľadu na vekový rozdiel, každé dieťa potrebuje pre svoj vlastný priestor, čas, svoje hračky a oblečenie, tak, keď sa staršie dieťa dostáva mladší, tak strávil celý svoj čas s ním, je to jednoduchý spôsob, ako zarobiť starších nenávistné Junior. Ďalší variant je to možné, keď starší, sa snaží nejako kompenzovať to, čo sa deje, začína regress, a rodičia obviňujú ho v tejto, nie je umožňujúce zobraziť childishness. Nie je potrebné robiť, pretože dieťa môže byť potrebné vrátiť sa späť na to, že vek a prežiť niečo opäť s cieľom dostať sa bližšie k mladším a nájsť niektoré kontaktné miesto.

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The Cup Of Spain. Development and record of real

Footballers Madrid “real” they to the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup, remisując on the road in a return match 1/8 final with Sevillą 3:3. Madrid have not suffered bloody in 40 games, considering party, is a write.

French coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane corrected on unique match losing former best achievement inbound with current period in Barcelona managed through Luis Enrique.

In office of Andalucia Real, who won the important descent Sevillą 3:0 have happened without your najprawdziwszej star – Cristiano Ronaldo and the a bit other players from low of the composition. When 77. minutes after the hosts failed Iborry embraced to lead 3:1, and fans have recovered special occasions to success. Quickly dispelled them, Sergio Ramos, playing 83. minutes from the penalty spot, and profit introduced 93. Karim Benzema. French striker saved the current t record “real”.

Thursday trips to the quarterfinals przypieczętowały also Celta Vigo and Eibar. Team from Galicia beat near to yourself Valencię 2:1 (away win 4:1), and Eibar performed in a goalless draw with CA Osasuna Pamplona (away won 3-0).

Day in the morning in the quarterfinals, the team defends the trophy Barcelona, using to personal stadium athletic Bilbao 3:1. In the End of the Basques, the Catalans lost 1:2. In addition, the permit was struggling real Sociedad, FC Twente and drugoligowy Alcorcón, and Tuesday – Atletico Madrid.

Rekord Lionela Messiego

Po nieudanym meczu z La Liga “” “Barcelona” na pewno miała zrehabilitować się przed swoimi kibicami, którzy są przyzwyczajeni do tego, że ich ulubieńcy roznoszą takie polecenia w puch i proch, a tym razem mieli wyraźne problemy w ataku. Jednak już we wtorek katalończycy raz na dwa spotkania i pokonał szkocki Celtic ” z wynikiem 7:0. Ta wygrana była dla nich największym podczas występów w Lidze mistrzów.

6. Rekord Lionela Messiego

Dość w tej grze lider Barcelony, Lionel Messi, za dwa tygodnie wyraźnie w pełnym obronę (ostatni raz był w reprezentacji Argentyny 2 września). Dziesiąty numer niebiesko-granatowych stał się pierwszym piłkarzem w historii, któremu udało się zmienić hat-tricka w sześciu meczach Ligi mistrzów w karierze. Pod tym względem jest pokonał swojego odwiecznego wizy Cristiano Ronaldo i wyszedł na pierwsze miejsce. A zrealizowany już w 3 minucie momencie stał się dla Leo najszybszy gola w lidze mistrzów. nie miał zaledwie dziesięciu sekund, aby pobić swój własny rekord stopy we wszystkich turniejach – w 2010 roku w spotkaniu z “” zajęło mu 2 minuty i 36 sekund. Cóż, włosy i brodę, Messi chciałem zmienić coś w swoim życiu, i on to zrobił.

7. Rekord Cristiano Ronaldo
Lisbon “Sporting” prawie zwycięzcy Ligi mistrzów z ubiegłego sezonu, ale na ratunek swoim partnerem z “Realu” przyszedł Cristiano Ronaldo, przepięknym uderzeniem z rzutu wolnego konto w 89 minucie, swój rodzimy klub. 31-letni portugalczyk stał się pierwszym piłkarzem w historii Ligi mistrzów, którym udało się strzelić 12 bramek ze standardu (nie licząc rzutów karnych) i przekracza osiągnięcie legendarnego napastnika Juventusu i reprezentacji Włoch Alessandro Del Piero, mającego w swoim dorobku 11 takich bramek.

W tej siódemce mistrzów autor specjalnie nie włączył Igora , bo uważa za śmieszne i absurdalne stałe krytyki pod jego adresem w sprawie straconych bramek w Lidze mistrzów. Zwłaszcza jeśli wziąć pod uwagę, że w ostatnim meczu z “” oba gole były ułożone po błędów sędziów, a zapisać grę Igora w przeddzień realizowanego momentu Alan można uznać za przełomowy moment w spotkaniu.

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